November 18, 2012


Lisa ashman

glad to hear polly is on the mend...she is growing up way to fast. and so i freddie, i remember starting to ready your blog just before you announced you were pregnant with freddie i enjoy your posts and just love your scrapbooking.......


Pip sorry to hear Polly has been ill...poor little mite! Glad she is ok now.
Good on the big kids for their swimming prowess. Jack will show those Nudgee kids a thing or two I've no doubt!!
Those little ducks are so cute and Freddie looks like he loves them.
We have bad storms down here at the moment and have just had to close all the windows because of the wind. Have been lucky at Redcliffe up until now.
Take care x

Kathryn Cox

Glad to hear that Polly is on the mend, we'll done to the big kids on their achievements!

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