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January 16, 2012



Congratulations to Jack and Evie that's really great. I used to swim at school and loved it. Wasnt real keen on getting up at 5.30 in the middle of an Armidale winter, The heated pool was never warm enough lol. I was a bit sad that neither of my girls were interested in swimming as a sport.

Jodie Jackson

Well done Evie and Jack! Polly is getting even cuter. I have your lasagne in the freezer from Sarah.

Jo from the farm

Congrats & well done to Jack & Evie:) loving the pics of Miss Polly so much xx


Wtg Jack...and I absolutely LOVE his hair!!
Good on you too Evie...well done!
And Miss Polly? Gorgeous!! Love that photo of her in the nick!!!!


Oh Pip, Miss Polly is just gorgeous!! Congratulations to both of you and I'm loving all the photos. So glad that we caught up when you were here...It was just lovely to see you. Congrats to Jack and Evie.xx

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