June 08, 2011


Lee Mills

Hi there Pip, know what you mean about no MOJO, I have been getting loads of photos printed off at harvey Norman (9c per print special on) and do you think I have had the motivations to scap any of them....they keep piling up, even my latest goodies from you hasn't helped! I think its a time issue with me, working 4 days a week doesn't leave much time to create, I need to schedule a "Me - scrapping day" I think! Hope you have a lovely long weekend!


Greetings from Barcelona! I am killing some time before I get on the train to Sans Sebastian. Having a wonderful relaxing time so far. My Spanish is terrible, but not too bad. I asked for some water at dinner & got some tomato bread? Hope all is well in Gundy & with the family. Chat soon, MP the happy traveller.

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