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April 11, 2011



oh boy i just bawled my eyes out... on a monday morning sitting at my desk at work. what a little cutie ned was - all those wonderful photos you and your family will cherish pip. my thoughts are with u all. i know how hard it is loosing a furry family member. xoxox


Oh Pip - I am so sorry, Ned was such a character. My thoughts are with you & the kids. RIP Ned.


Sooooooo Sorry for you loss Pip, sending big (((HUGS))) your way !!! :( xx♥ Tina


Pip I'm so sorry to hear you have lost Ned. You have some beautiful photos in his memory. This story made me cry and I'm not really a doggy person. Big hugs to you xx

Sara R.

I am so sorry for the loss of Ned. I loved seeing pictures of him on your blog and hearing about it.

Jo from the farm

Sad news, sorry to hear about Ned... It's always hard when a pet passes on, they become so much part of the family... thinking of you all xx

Leanne Love

So sorry to hear about Ned Pip...... I have so enjoyed seeing his cute little face in your posts. I think we are all going to miss the cute little guy

Jodi Dolbel

Oh Pip, I am so so sorry you have all lost your loyal Mate. He will be so dearly missed by eveyone that came into contact with him, even those of us that knew him through your blog. I hope that soon to pain will pass for you all and you can just enjoy the memories of all the fun time with you. Big hugs to everyone!XX

Kerri Kuitert

So Sorry to hear about your Ned My thoughts are with you through this difficult time... XXOO


I am so sorry for your loss. Our dog of 14 years passed away last Nov and I haven't even been able to bring myself to blog about it. He was such a cutie.


Pip, So sorry to hear about Ned. He was so gorgeous!! Thoughts are with you all.
Annette xxooxx

Lee Mills

So sorry to hear about your loss, Ned looks like he was a real character, full of personality, you have such wonderful memories there pip I am sure each pic reminds you of a story, treasure the memories, RIP beautiful Ned, love to you and yours x


So sorry to hear about Ned, he was so beautiful and such a companion I remember him at your feet in the shop at Goondi when he was a little puppy. thoughts are with you all.
Kathryn xx


I feel so sorry to hear about Ned. So many pages sharing special moments with him, so many silly faces and games. Big hugs to you and your kids. They must feel very sad too. Thoughts are with you all. Cheers,


I'm really sorry to hear of your sad news (it made me cry), they really become a part the family. What fantastic memories and the most beautiful photos you will have to cherish. RIP little 'Ned'..


I am so sorry for your and your family Pip. Marianne told me about Ned and seeing the post made me so sad and teary. He was an absolutely beautiful pup and no wondering he is missed. Take care xoxo

Penni Potts-McBean

My deepest sympathy, having just lost our 12year old jack russell suddenly to a brown snake in the house yard I know just how deeply sad you must all be. Our thoughts are with you. Penni and family.

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