February 13, 2009



hehe -about living under the rock Pip!!!!

I have had mine for nearly a year now and its just THE BEST....and they have one without the holes too-(not sure when will it be available in Australia tho :( )

hope you have a great day tomorrow !!!!!!
and don't worry about Freddie ...he will be OK with dad and doting brother and sister looking after him- hehe

BTW- I don't want to be in the draw to win the punch :)


Meredith Treloar

Oh I would thread water to win one!! It looks fantastic and I bet you sell them very quickly!

Natasha May

Hi pip, Freddie has grown up so fast, Gosh they dont stay small for long..Have a fantastic weekend with the girls and i love this punch, how quick will your pages be now..Bye for now...

Amanda McGregor

Such a cool punch, I think it is the one that Ali Edwards uses a lot. I would so loooovveee one too, but then I would need baby Henry to actually sleep so that I could maybe get some scrapping done.

stacey Jones

Hi Pip I love your Blog and miss popping into the shop when visiting Gundi,I'd be mad not to want to win this great new tool to make my scrapping better.
You have the most beautiful kids by the way. Stacey J

Jodi Dolbel

LOL Pip,
Ive had my punch for nearly 12 months too!! Yes they are awesome arnt they!!


I nearly started to hyperventilate when I saw you had this fantastic punch....because it would make life so much easier, I have been doing it the hard way and it's driving me mad.


Have seen pictures of these, but always wondered how long it actually is?
Yep, it would be a great little tool - but sorry Pip, nothing beats your big loopy handcut scallops!!!


What a great punch it would be a useful tool to add to my collection. Hope you have a great weekend.


Can't knock back a chance to win a great little tool like that one, enjoy your weekend.


PP, I can't believe that punch - I need it, so cool! I have just left you from the Golf Club - trust me in the morning for not letting you get another bottle!


like they say...you have to be in it to win it....Hope your course went well and you learnt heaps...


hope you enjoyed the photography course and learnt lots; Fred is looking more n more like Jack every day. I did some volunteering @ the nab cup yesterday afternoon. didn't get to see the game though; Love that punch too - seems like you must have beenliving under a rock after reading your other comments!!As usual love your blog and watching ur kids grow.
Harrison went to The Pines to work yesterday(with supercheap)He drove downn - it was pouring rain - took us 35 mins to get there.Back to work tomorrow, trying to meet my commitments for the week in 3 days.

have u had a lot of rain?? we have had 121mm in the last few days


Hi Pip hope you had a great weekend. I must use scallops every second layout and do it the old fashioned way, then I get the punch and punch holes in the centre of the scallops, very very time consuming lol. This punch would certainly make my life easier.

Josie Dean

I don't need one Pip as I already have one! I can't believe you have never had one! Thay are just the best! :)


OH I can't believe how fast that little Freddie is growing up. He is so so cute. I know what you mean about the winter PJ's. We had to go and do a bit of winter shopping as well.

Love the punch.


me OH my! I've seen this punch around, and I can't wait to see what you WHIP up with it! Freddie is growing so quickly! What a cutie!! This punch has been on my wish list for a month or so now...if I win one, Ill spend the money I could have saved and buy one of your fabulous kits Ive been meaning to!! HAHA.. :) xxxxx

wendy campbell

The scrapper with the most tools wins right?? Just love the punch , what a time saver !!! Wendy

Rebecca Vavic

Hahahhahahahaaaaa... sweets, that is SO FUNNY!!
Mine arrived TODAY too!!
Not really fair that for Mikaela's birthday *I* get a pressie... but hey, that's life!

I have a Stampin Up one also... same, but no holes.

You know what I love most about your blog Pip... you update regularly... oh and your wit :)

Hugs and Love


I had to leave another comment to round it up to 20! My OCD kicking in.

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